Power House Goes to Gili

Remember one of my earlier posts from my first trip to Gili (scary room for $10/night with the gecko and little bugs everywhere)? A year later I make my 5th visit to the 3 tiny islands with a kick ass group of people. Had tons of fun and even was able to get some work done while enjoying life! Also, Mailbird is doing really well and continues to evolve and it is awesome that we are doing it from a place like Bali. We are part of the startup movement growing in Bali and I freaking love it. Last year I also attended a prestigious tech event in Jakarta called Sparxup. This year, given the emerging growth of the tech startup scene…I don’t have to fly to Jakarta, but rather Sparxup is coming right to our front door here in Bali. Awesome. Big travel plans to Europe and back home to the U.S. with plans to attend several tech events and share the awesomeness of Mailbird with the tech startup communities and interested people. Crossing my fingers for potential investment opportunities 😀 Let’s do this! So happy to have my team in Bali. This month I’ve hiked my 2nd active volcano, visited the pristine Gili islands, sang a little Mariah Carey in a big ass karaoke room, joined a female entrepreneur network and community in Bali, met with the son of Indonesia’s richest tycoon, started a 2 day juice detox (which if you would have asked me to do this a year ago, I would have said…impossible. 5 more detox days to go!), and taken on more involvement roles in the Bali community while continuously developing my personal and business goals. I’ve continued to meet some amazing people and feel incredibly lucky and appreciative of what life has brought upon me. High five to an awesome last year, and cheers to a phenomenal rest of this year.