So excited about 2k12 and FOOD

The new year is already feeling like it is flying by. It is like there is just never enough time, and I just have so much I want to do. Trying to keep it healthy by eating smart and exercising more….very difficult for a total foodie or food addict who LOVES to explore the amalgamation of flavors that are thrown, mixed, whisked, dashed, pressed, baked, fried, slathered, together. Alton Brown is essentially a food scientist….he slightly irritates me with his tight and very exact cooking precision. That is wonderful, however sometimes it is freeing and exciting to get your hands dirty and make delicious creations with touch/feel/taste…no measurements.


To an extent that is how I would like to push forward in this new year- feeling free, exploring my senses, and creating and contributing to this world in a way that is not measured, not precise, but rather learned through experiences and interactions with people and my environment.


Frankly, I am in a very selfish stage of life right now…thought that was over years ago. Nope! I don’t want to miss out on opportunities that will make me a better person, so yes…I will be selfish, by keeping my best interests at heart.


Ate an amazing slow cooked meal with a friend, just delicious slow roasted meat in an amazing wine/gravy mixture…some creamy/rich sultry cheese, and wine. That was enjoyed very slowly, to appreciate each element of the food that was so graciously prepared and shared with me. ¬†¬†Live simply & happily.


Side note- SO happy the holidays are over, and had a good rush of visitors, non stop activities, and fun. Nice to kind of relax and slow down right now =)