The joys of life and planning a kick ass 2012 New Years Cabin Party

Plan a great new years party and start the new year off right:

  1. Find a sweet ass log cabin
  2. Invite all your best buddies that you’d like to ring in the new year
  3. Create some silly cabin games- avoid that cabin fever
  4. Enjoy a festive cabin/new years cocktail….or two…..or three………………
  5. Think you are so clever because you nicknamed the log cabin a “loggin”
  6. Make some amazing feasts
  7. Get sloppy
  8. Jump in the steamy bubbly hot tub….oooo while drinkin bubbly đŸ˜‰
  9. Go on some day time adventures!
  10. Relax, be happy, set some radical goals…..then actually do them in 2k12!

*I am going to travel and live on an island for a while- terrified, passionate, excited all at the same time. Such a wonderful feeling…to be working towards  something you really enjoy doing!


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